Electronic Cannon Stops Cars

Posted By Guest on January 22, 2010

Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon Demos Car-Stopping Power
Electronic Cannon Stops Cars

Stopping a speeding car without killing its driver and passengers with traditional means - bullets - can prove tricky, even if skilled snipers can put a disabling shot in a car's engine block. But a Canadian company could soon demo an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) cannon capable of effectively scrambling a car's chips and other electronics, according to Flight International.

Eureka Aerospace's system consists of a suitcase-sized antenna that weighs about 50 pounds, and claims to stop cars in their tracks up to 650 feet away. That disabling power only works for more modern cars that rely on microprocessors and various electronics for their engine, as opposed to pre-1970s cars.

Wow, if this thing were around when OJ was on his slow speed chase, one shot and his white SUV would have rolled to a dead stop.
Here is the other side of the coin. If criminals get ahold of this technolgy, they could inversely disable a police cruiser.
Great value, as long as it stays in the hands of law enforcement.

What about pacemakers?